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Signet Wealth is an independent and active wealth manager offering a personalised investment service to our clients. Our business combines the personal touch of a private office with the rigour and depth of a large institution. Our aim is to provide original strategic insight and practical solutions for all our clients.


Our offering is described below and in more detail in our Digital Brochure here.


Signet Wealth was established to provide high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors with an independent perspective. Our broad suite of services covers strategic and tactical advice relevant to each client, to meet their individual, ever-changing financial circumstances.



Our Clients

Our clients are confronted by complex markets and evolving financial circumstances, where impartial advice, disciplined portfolio management, transparency and governance are essential. Signet’s Advisory & Investment Team offer a broad range of services to meet the growing requirement for independent investment support.

Investors should use one of our services if:

They lack the time or resources to properly structure and manage their asset base.

They require an additional, independent fiduciary oversight to support them.

They seek diversification through complementary investments, opinion and advice.

They have an appetite for alternative investments or tactical idea generation.

They require consolidated reporting, enhanced governance and risk management.


We want to be a trusted and indispensable long-term partner in furthering our clients’ businesses and financial aspirations. We succeed only if our clients do.

Original opinion and advice are a key attribute for us and that often requires the courage of conviction; something we’re prepared to stand for.

We believe that our freedom to convey impartial views, when combined with our rigorous analysis and collective experience, can deliver meaningful strategic added value for our clients.

A truly independent firm recognises that having the courage of their convictions is what a client expects. As advisors, our role is to ensure clients understand the advice they receive from any party involved in managing their wealth and to provide transparency and clarity, how and when they demand it.

Group CEO


The Advisory & Investment Team will provide our clients with holistic and detailed financial advice, delighted to partner with our clients’ other advisers as needed, while also offering a range of our own discretionary investment management services if required.

We sit beside our clients: high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors, to deliver the impartial financial advice and investment solutions that our clients desire. Our clients want a partner – an objective and friendly counsel – and an excellent investment management service. That is what we offer our clients.

Investment Office & Consulting

We offer comprehensive investment oversight services as our clients’ consultant with our Outsourced CIO (OCIO) function. This is often a leading role sitting beside our clients, advising on investment-related matters, governance, risk management and reporting.

Our aim is to ensure that a client’s investment strategy is joined up, optimised and cost-efficient. Alternatively, clients can delegate responsibility of the management of their investments to our team of experienced multi-asset class investment professionals.

Investment Management Service

We offer a range of discretionary portfolio solutions, including risk-profiled strategies, outcome-orientated strategies and bespoke mandates, each delivered via segregated accounts.

These are usually global, multi-asset class solutions but we’re comfortable managing a single asset class or regional requirement. We can evaluate a client’s unique circumstances and requirements, before offering a choice of solutions in support of the client’s financial and investment objectives.

Wealth Structuring

Significant private wealth requires strategic management. Our Wealth Structuring service helps shape and support our clients’ long-term ambitions, guiding them, their families and their estates in a way that is efficient, legally compliant and reassuringly sustainable. Our lead management service focuses on strategic diversification, tax and estate aspects, crossborder events and philanthropy. This always begins with our clients’ long-term aspirations and values, but often encompasses family dynamics, cultural, religious or domiciliary considerations

Private Investments

We provide advice on, and access to, private investments such as venture capital, real estate, private equity and debt. Private investment has historically been rewarded with outperformance over the public markets – its illiquidity premium – and it also provides diversification benefits, attractive volatility characteristics and a broad opportunity set that complements the more liquid public market investment.

Become a Client

We have wealth management offices in key international locations. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out about the services available in your location.