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Whilst the world is being redefined by technological, environmental and demographic shifts, Signet provides clear and unambiguous investment strategies.

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Discipline. Focus. Clarity. These are what set us apart. Rather than chase every fad, we hone in on our core strengths to identify real opportunities. Right now, we believe the advances in transformational industries such as Healthcare, IT and Entertainment offer significant potential for the investor.


We target businesses that are in the business of fundamental change, such as large cap global leaders in IT. They’re not just creating trends, but what we call a ‘new order’ of behaviour, which is here to stay. We also take positions in pioneering and potentially transformational businesses in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Wealth Management

Signet offers an institutional approach to private wealth management. We recognise that the traditional approach to investment management and advice has evolved in recent decades. Therefore, our advice is specific to your individual requirements, while managing investment strategies to meet dynamic market circumstances. We’re delighted to partner with your other advisers or to operate as your ‘in-house’ investment office.


Market and portfolio insights, factsheets and reports from across our investment teams to help you navigate change.

Beneath The Surface - November 2022 

Leading Indicators Advocate Caution

Beneath The Surface- October 2022.

From out of the Shadows

Beneath The Surface - September 2022

Growth and the Debt Trap

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We expect consumer trends to remain positive for consumption expenditure in the US...

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Technology sector remains one of the key beneficiaries of new post-pandemic work flow and...

Insights - Outlook 2022 Communications

Communications sector posted good gains in 2021 (+27.5% mid-Dec YoY), albeit...

Beneath The Surface - August 2022

A ‘snap’ comment on the leading macro issues driving our investment debate

Insights - Outlook 2022 Real Estate

The key real estate indicators are expected to strengthen during 2022 despite some challenges...

Group Overview - 2022

Discipline. Focus. Clarity. These are what set us apart. Rather than chase every fad, we hone in on...

Who we are

Coming from some of the world's leading financial and investment institutions, the Signet team has impeccable credentials. We are experts in our sectors and investors in our own investments, making us acutely aware of managing the downside. But what really draws people to our team is the entrepreneurial culture and 'hands on' involvement — benefits that the biggest players are unable to provide. As a firm, we are an independent, multi-jurisdiction-regulated entity with assets under management of USD 1bln.


We have wealth management offices in various locations globally. To discuss your requirements and find out about the services available in your location, please contact us.